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As your wedding day approaches it’s easy to become stressed and nervous instead of excited and relaxed. Here are some tips from us as you get closer to your day.

The Week Before


Find a perfume or lotion you love and wear it for your wedding day. It will form a mental memory for you of the special day whenever you choose to wear it again. (That’s what I wish I did.)

R & R:

Be as uninvolved with the process the day of (really, the week of) and day before. The day before make sure to pamper yourself as much as you want or need to. If it means locking yourself in a bathroom for hours and soaking in a bubble bath until you are totally relaxed, do it. Your body will thank you on your wedding day. (It’s almost here already!!!) 

Be Prepared:

Get sleep the night before if you can, and bring a few items such as pepto-bismol, anti-diarrheal, tissues, bandaids, listerine… It is not unusual for the nerves to hit in unexpected ways. It will make you much more comfortable if you plan for this in advance. (Personal experience. πŸ™  )

Day Of


I always recommend to color in your eyebrows. It will definitely bring out your beautiful eyes from across the room. It will make a big impact in the final photographs.

Wear more makeup than you would on the street. While applying the makeup make sure there’s enough for your features pop at 10-20 feet away. It isn’t about covering up your beauty, it’s about bringing them out so they stand out from a distance. 

Don’t forget to make sure your eye makeup is waterproof. Even if you aren’t typically emotional, you definitely could be this day.


During your wedding day take mental snapshots of events you never want to forget. They could be the only things you remember from the day because of how quickly it moves. 


Do your best to relax. You hired us to hop around- your only job is to get hitched to your best friend and glide on air. πŸ™‚

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