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You’ve invested in a session with a photo artist and you’d like to get the BEST results from it. Here are 5 steps to help you succeed.

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Professional hair and makeup

When you invest in a session with a photographer, know that street hair and makeup can appear differently on camera. A pro beautician knows this, and can help you be camera ready in no-time. Consider visiting a blow-out bar salon, or get a fresh style from a local stylist who can come to you.

A few of our favorite vendors and stylists for any occasions or sessions are: It’s the Rose, Total Platinum Salon, and La Prima Beauty.

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Lifestyle family session Lewis Center Ohio

Subtly-coordinated clothing

The latest style in photography is focusing more on showing off your clothing personality and less on matching. Whether it is a session for your business or a session showing off your budding family, aim to find little fashion connections rather than twinning it. Matching styles, color tones, or color palettes is a timeless way of coordinating and also showing who you are in your photos.

chandelier hair salon

Have a vision or direction

Know your photographer’s work and make sure you understand their style. If you have a different vision than their typical style, make sure to present it clearly. You can always craft a mood-board that lays out some poses or different ideas that you MUST HAVE. If you love most of your photographer’s work with other clients, use a few examples of their work that you like best for examples of what you’d like, or let them know you trust their discretion. In the end you know yourself and/or your family best and you know what poses and styles will work best for you. A great photographer should invite your input rather than ignore it.

An awesome resource for mood boards is Pinterest, but you can find a list of others here.

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Communicate during your session

If you’re not feeling natural or comfortable during your session for any reason, make sure to let your photographer know. Sometimes the choices your photographer makes may not line up with your expectations. Make sure to be vocal about what you want and need in the moment. If you need a break or would like to try a different pose, just let them know. We LOVE when our clients give us fresh ideas to try. You often create some of the best pictures because when we try your idea, you will look and feel confident in your photograph.

bride and groom floating frame canvas print

Plan to invest in printed artwork

A huge part of getting portraiture taken for business or personal needs is investing in artwork to display proudly. Please support your local businesses and purchase top of the line work that is not available on a consumer level. Your photo artist is often connected to top brands and printing companies not available to non-photographers. Make sure to plan to spend an additional $200-$400 to know your artwork will last and shine for years to come.

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