Trusting Your Wedding Photographer


When you're getting married, it's scary to let go of the details of your day and enjoy all the special moments that come. Since starting our career photographing families and especially weddings, we've seen the struggle. Mothers and Brides, here's a few reasons why it's important to trust your photographer.

1. You Chose Us

You're paying us to capture your day and special moments because we have experience, you like our work, and you trust us to do our job. You wouldn't invest so much into such an important part of your life if you didn't.

2. We Have Knowledge

Thanks to our experience as students of photography who have moved into the professional world, we've learned what works and doesn't work. We understand the importance of surroundings, props, and layouts. Because of this, it's important to allow us to be your guides.

We love client input and creativity for sure and often get our best shots from client ideas, but please allow us to help you.

3. Your Details are Important to Us

The most fears on wedding days seem to revolve around letting go of rings and the wedding dress. We understand the investments you've made and because of this, we guard all of these items with our lives. We also know that because these items have such importance for you, we need to provide beautiful shots of them. We haven't lost anything yet and never plan on it. We are so terrified of the possibility of loss, theft, and damage that we make sure to take the best care of these items possible. 

4. We Want You to Be Present 

The biggest regret brides mention to us outside of not hiring great photographers is that they don't remember their wedding day at all. When you are unwilling to enjoy the day because you're so worried about the details, you lose the precious moments as they come. If you're able to relax and trust your photographer you'll be able to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

5. We're on Your Side

Your photographer is your cheerleader. We want you to look beautiful, perfect, and special in every photograph captured. We want your wedding to be the best day of your life. We want all your details to be remembered in the best possible way and because of this, we will go above and beyond for you.