Glen Echo Ravine + #hometowntourist Intro

Originally, I thought I'd start this new project off with a place I'd never been before, but after learning a friend of mine had never been here, I had to start here. It's my #1 favorite spot in Columbus.

Back it up...

I grew up in CBUS. It's my hometown. I went to public schools. I was raised by Columbus. I've lived all over this town.

And then...

A few months ago I realized I'd nearly lost my love for Columbus. I was starting to lose all the reasons why I loved it, and I was beginning to make excuses for why I didn't love the stuff I used to. Dangerous! 

After thinking about it, I realized most of my falling-out-of-love with Columbus revolved around becoming a new mom who didn't have much money or time to spend out and about. Exploring places as an adult with a kid is different than just exploring as an adult. It makes some things a bit harder.

So, I decided to challenge myself and start a blog called #hometowntourist, where I would experience Columbus all over again with new eyes and a new heart. I hope it inspires you and encourages you to be a tourist again and "look up" at all there is to see in your own amazing city. 

Fast Forward...

While working at Wild Goose Creative one afternoon 4 years or so ago, I decided to take a walk and process my life. I ended up walking through one of the most stunning neighborhoods in Columbus, Glen Echo. I came to what appeared to be a dead end, and then I saw it. The stairs that would lead to my new favorite place in Columbus. Fun fact, Sam actually ended up proposing to me here after a Northstar Cafepicnic, and we took our engagement photos here too. It will always be a special place to us. I hope it becomes a special place for you.

What's so great about it?

From the elaborate bridge with AMAZING, Arie-approved echo underneath (Arie is our 2 year old), to the hidden trails, to the overlook at the top of the ravine... It's an incredible place to visit. Fun fact, the bridge is also the home of the Columbus Bird Mural (pics below). [Another fun fact, my sound-obsessed husband, Sam, says the tunnel with said mural has a reverb decay time of up to 5 seconds. That's some good 'verb.]

The ravine is a small grass and dirt path area hidden in the middle of the city near the corner of Hudson and Summit St. There are all sorts of areas to explore and to escape, but there are also tons of opportunities for learning and teaching. Locals often take runs through on the trail with their dogs, there are many birds, and often woodpeckers hard at work. A train track runs near one of the trails on the East end and you hear them come by often.

If you head down a steep hill, you'll come across an old dam of sorts with graffiti, strange cement blocks protruding from the water, and a tunnel that goes somewhere I've never been brave enough to explore. I didn't get pictures of this area this time because it's really hard to get to with a toddler and a 3rd trimester belly. 

Enjoy the gallery below of Glen Echo Ravine, and feel free to ask questions in the comments!