Jersey Baptist Church Kid's Ministry

As Christians we are passionate about helping churches step out of the stock photo world by using more of their own congregation for print and digital needs. There is nothing more personal and community-building than being able to see the faces you know and love who make up your church home.

In preparation for their 2018 Kid’s Ministry focus, Jersey Baptist Church (Fun fact, if you go to that link the video banner was made by Sam! This one, too) hired us to stylize and capture images that they could print on 20 foot wide banners and hang from their lobby ceiling. We also captured images for them to make into 5ft square banners as well.

JBC understands that the impact made on the younger generations will continue through eternity. They have watched as children grow into adult leaders, parents, grandparents and those who are serving within the church. It is the impact of generations that keep a church thriving.


The 20ft Banners

The Final Display

banner of girl holding bible in church

5 Foot Square Banners

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