Planthropy: Bodacious & Bright! Succulent Workshop

succulent planter

Jessie Laux speaks of succulents as if they are like humans. She understands their nature and embraces them one by one with admiration and affection. She is so compelling to watch as she explains each kind in front of you while inspiring you to love them as much as she does.

Believe it or not, Jessie has a background in graphic design. While trying to destress from an office job, she fell in love with succulents. All of a sudden Planthropy sprouted and came to life. Planthropy creates all kinds of indoor plantscapes. Check some out for yourself.

Last night at Meza Wine Shop she had a captive audience surrounding her in a warm and rich setting. Although the shop was full to the brim with life, everything else melted away as those in attendance began to work the dirt with their hands.

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