Reasons to Say Yes to Props

My favorite family portraits are always of families interacting, but when it comes to posed portraits of individuals, especially children and babies, props are always helpful. Here's a few reasons to consider splurging on a few and adding them to your shoot:

1. Comfort

Props provide comfort for nervous children because they give them something familiar to hold. Being able to be in control of an object helps them to be more at ease during photoshoots. 

2. Beauty

There's something sweet and special about the extras in photoshoots. These items can complete the style of the photograph and really make the shot stand out. Children also love to be doted on and told how handsome or cute they look. When they see our excitement over their cute props they are more willing to cooperate with poses because they will be called cute, too. 

3. Fun

Kids love to have fun, to make-believe, and to create. Giving them props is giving them the okay to be themselves and explore all the props have to offer. I'm always surprised by the ideas kids have during photoshoots with props.  

*Note: When props are lacking, nature always has props available. Sword fights with sticks or jumping in piles of leaves are also great choices.