Sonoran Desert Adventure

sonoran desert saguaro cactus dusk

There is something incredible about the desert. Warm, dry air. A sky that never seems to have an ending. It is full of beautiful plants and animals that are both capable of surviving harsh conditions. From this trip I fell in love with teddy bear cholla, a cactus that looks like a snuggly creature, but would cause so much pain to anyone seeking to touch it. And then there’s green palo verde trees that photosynthesize through their bark. How amazing is that? This desert is the only place in the world with saguaro cacti, but even cooler? When it is 2 feet tall, it is most likely already 30 years old.

I love the way our world never stops amazing us. Even after centuries of exploration, we still continue to find new species of animals and plants. Our world is teaching us about itself, and about the one who crafted it. It is all a work of art, and it is all inspiring.

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