Rebecca Woodruff & Matthew Webber's Wedding

bride groom red hair on bridge hocking hills

When thinking back on all of the details and all of the love that went into the wedding of Becky & Matt, we are filled with joy (and also the inability to keep this post short.)

Becky & Matt chose a small and intimate celebration of their love out in a large cabin in the beautiful Logan, OH, just minutes from Hocking Hill’s state parks. Their wedding party and close family were the majority of guests in attendance. From the beginning, they knew they wanted a wedding that represented who they are, and what they love. From a first look with a shark costume, to a toast with a glass of milk, their wedding day was truly unique.

The cabin they chose had a beautiful dock on an emerald-green pond, and it was surrounded by fields of brush, overgrowth, and pine trees. Their day was actually 2 days of celebration. The first evening many guests arrived and enjoyed catering by City Barbeque, and casual hang out time. The next morning everyone began to get ready and enjoyed local pastries from Hocking Hills Bakery, and childhood cereal favorites like Lucky Charms. Makeup artist Hannah Rose of It’s the Rose worked on many bridesquad members’ hair and makeup, while also taking care of our awesome bride, Becky. When finished, Becky looked even prettier than The Little Mermaid with her red updo, emerald ring, and gorgeous makeup.

While getting herself perfect for the first look, Becky had a quick hair trim (because one piece was getting in her way) and then put on a shark costume. Leading up to Matt’s first look at Becky, Sam had asked him multiple times to describe how he anticipated his bride to look. When Matt turned around during that first look, he was taken a bit off guard, and doubled over in hysterics. These two know how to have fun, and love to make each other laugh. They are genuinely themselves, and they know how to live in the moment.

Becky got her dress from David’s Bridal and (fun fact) it was featured in an episode of Brooklyn 99 called “Gray Star Mutual” (season 5, episode 18). Her emerald ring is from Brilliant Earth and really popped with all the accent colors. Becky even purchased her science-buff husband, Matt, galaxy cuff links by Alexmos Design for their celebration.

bride and groom details styled

A librarian by trade, Becky decided to use book pages throughout the decorations for her wedding day. She crafted each item herself, and each page was from a book of the Harry Potter Series. Her hand-crafted flower arrangements, photo booth backdrop, and even her heart garland were all made from this beloved series.

Becky also handmade the real-flower arrangements and the focus was on the bold, yet simple, sunflower (our favorite!). The flowers were sourced from Anderson Orchards. The wedding squad were all assigned colors of the rainbow to wear proudly throughout the day, and even the groom and officiant found ways to tie rainbow into their clothing choices. Matt sported a classy suit from Pursuit, and a meteorite ring from Jewelry by Johan.

They were married on the dock at the cabin on a very chilly day. They rolled 12-sided die to see who would share the vows that they wrote first. They had a beautiful poetic reading from friends, whilst being serenaded by gunfire at a military reenactment close by (a hilarious coincidence, which actually ended up having really dramatic timing). Their dear friend Lillian officiated the ceremony, and music was provided by violinist Lauren Spavelko.

Their dinner was catered by Der Dutchman, and their super fun cupcake spread and wedding cake were from Hocking Hills Bakery. Their cake topper was Stevonnie of the animated series Steven Universe, and the cupcake designs ranged from football to unicorns. As favors, they provided each guest with their own mason jar cup and straw, as well as a selection of their favorite books to take home.

During the toasts from their dear friends and family, Matt used a glass of milk as his beverage of choice. The toasts were funny and tearful as we remembered naive pasts and more importantly, Matt’s father. The first dances were sweet and Becky had the chance to dance with both her father and mother.

We finished out the celebration taking turns running circles around Becky and Matt in order to capture a fitting long-exposure sparkler picture of the couple, to signify their magical day.

We loved our time with Matt & Becky and their close friends and family, and hope you have enjoyed experiencing all the beauty and intimacy of their day.