A Pickerington Ponds Engagement Session with Noelle & Blake - Columbus Photographer

Noelle & Blake’s Engagement Session at Pickerington Ponds in Pickerington, Ohio

woman walks fiancé through woods during sunset in Pickerington Ponds Park in Ohio

One of the first things you’ll notice when you’re with Blake and Noelle is their immense love for each other. When they’re together you can see it and even feel it flowing. Blake and Noelle met during one of the game night's with their ‘Granville Gang’ (as Noelle fondly calls their crew).

These two compliment each other so well. From finishing each-other’s pop song lyrics without missing a beat, to a deep love for Jesus. Blake get’s to live life leading people into worship with the King of the universe, and Noelle is lucky enough to be a nurse who serves the community through her love and compassion.

Here’s a sweet nugget that Noelle shared: Blake got her the set of earrings for Christmas, but they aren’t just any earrings. One afternoon he learned the Noelle loved a set of earrings and lost one of them. She had the remaining earring in a box hoping to reunite it with its mate one day. Little did she know he snagged pictures of the earring and, within weeks, found the exact same pair. He gave them to her for Christmas.

We can’t wait to party with you two in October.

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