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When COVID-19 struck the world in 2020 and shut down the USA, the wedding industry came to a halt. This left brides and grooms without a venue or the option to marry in the way they’d dreamed. One of the positive things that came out of COVID-19 was watching some of our couples choose to have at home weddings. Many lost their deposits, venues went bankrupt, and the event industry wasn’t sure if it would recover.

Kelsey & Michael were one of the couples affected by the frustration of watching their dreams fall apart as the country shut down during their expected wedding date. Instead of letting it destroy their wedding, though, they decided to get married with their families present at their adorable home in the heart of Columbus.

When we talk about at-home weddings, we’re often not sure how the vibe will fit their plans for their day. But Kelsey and Michael have such a beautiful and modern classy style and they made their wedding day absolutely gorgeous down to every detail. Their home was the perfect place to host this intimate gathering.

Here are some fun details from their home wedding day: Their pup was their ring bearer and watching her prance down the aisle to dad was priceless. Michael crafted the table for the wedding feast and finished it just in time for their big day. A group of family friends drove up on motorcycles to congratulate them during the dinner portion of their wedding day. Family gifted them toilet paper as a stab at the supply chain issues. They placed little accents beautifully throughout their home, bringing elegance amidst coziness for the perfect wedding day. Finally, their first dance was so intimate, sweet, and peaceful, held privately on their upper deck with their dog.

It was an honor to capture their wedding day in despite the challenges of 2020. We’re looking forward to capturing Michael’s sister Jessie’s wedding in 2023! Contact us today about your wedding.

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