Meet the dynamic duo

Photo by: Jared Carr

Photo by: Jared Carr


“I treasure the photos of my family that were taken many years ago, many of these loved ones now in their heavenly home. Having a professional picture taken of our family is a way of preserving memories that will become more precious with time. Grace and Sam Smith took pictures of our family as we gathered for Easter. They were patient with us as we found a day that everyone could be present. Talents and props were used to get the perfect lighting. They are multi talented, easy to work with, reasonable in price, and just plain good people! I would recommend them!”

-Sue Randall


Welcome to our inner-circle. We believe magic happens when our clients collaborate with us and help mold our artistic direction for their visions. There is nothing more beautiful than the peace, joy, and wonder that this trusting relationship can bring.

Although we treasure portraiture, we are passionate about capturing raw emotions in the moment, in a beautiful way through our photography and videography.

We are centered in Grove City, Ohio, however we work with clients and friends from all over.

Sam fell in love with video as a teenager while crafting his own DIY movies all over Grove City, OH with misc toys. His interest in design and motion animation began during his Fever Fever days.

Grace fell in love with photography in High School while a part of her yearbook, and then decided to pursue it full force while finishing up her Theatre degree at Otterbein University. She adores coffee, board games, and loves to find under-appreciated, not often explored, beautiful places.

These two are now partners in life and work, and are raising two incredible kiddos. Fun fact: they have a very silly and complicated “how’d you meet” story that you may want to hear sometime.


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