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You have worked hard to make magic and inspire your customers and client base. We are often amazed by the work our clients do, and are excited to help craft beautiful visuals for any needs you may have. Because you do such great work, we can’t wait to have you in our inner-circle. You remind us why business is beautiful and we are driven by your passions.

We do not just shoot photos, we craft our own images through styling and make sure they are effective tools for the enhancement of your business. Our images make your job easier because they will sell for you.

Grace is not only stilled with lifestyle and space photography, she is a food stylist and prop-hunter extraordinaire.

Our packages start at $250, although, most often our clients request work that starts closer to $500. You will receive 1 on 1 planning and consulting as we prepare our shot plan, you will be kept in the loop during the shooting process, and you get to be part of the final delivery process as well. You will get your full resolution images digitally in print size as well as web sizing (unless specifically specified during the planning period.)


“I loved working with Grace! I needed some professional pictures of my reptiles and I for my business page and boy did she deliver! The photos are absolutely stunning and will really help make my business look more professional. Grace was very patient with all the reptiles and did an absolutely wonderful job photographing them. I would highly recommend them for all your photography needs!”

-Caitlin Edenfield
Reptiles of Eden


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