Wedding Questionnaire

Photography & Videography  


Wedding Date

Name of Fiancé (or fiancée)

What’s your address

Bride’s phone number:

Groom’s phone number:


Besides the traditional shots, what shots would you desire?

Time to start photo documenting of your day:

What time will the ceremony begin?

Time reception begins?

Will photography take place at any other locations?

Ceremony Address:


Ceremony Venue Contact Name:

Ceremony Venue Contact:

Location of getting ready room, lighting in hall, etc…

Will the reception be at the same location?

If no, where will the reception take place?


Reception Contact:

Reception Contact Phone:

Is it mostly natural light? Is it dark? Large?


Dj Phone:



Bride’s Mother

Bride’s Mother:

Maid of Honor:

Maid of Honor:

Best Man:

Best Man:

ex: aunt is flying in from Antarctica, close friend not in party but basically family

If it’s on the timeline, we’ll do our best to film it, but you can list it here if you are concerned about it not being in the video.

ex: vows, part of sermon, toasts, private conversation between bride and Father, reading letters to each other, etc)

(ex: grandfather wants to remove oxygen mask before having photos taken of him)

ex: groomsmen are parachuting into ceremony

Please suggest 3-5 songs from one of the following two websites: and/or (for a limited time)
We legally license all music in your video and will not use a song without a license or proper permissions. We cannot guarantee any song.

Please provide a timeline for the entire day to the best of your ability. We will use this to form our final timeline.