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We’ve talked with couples across the board, from those who know exactly what they want in a wedding film, to those who are still trying to choose between the sea of options in front of them. What do they want to include in their big day? What do they want to go all out on? What do they want to save money on?

We have plenty of couples who come to us right from the start wanting a beautiful wedding film. They’ve seen their friends’ films, they’ve seen our work, and they know they want it. For others, they love the idea, but they’re on the fence for a handful of reasons – we’re going to explain briefly why you want, or better yet, NEED, a wedding film.

Relive the emotion of every moment

They say the only parts of your wedding that you really remember are the ones that you stopped and intentionally burned into your mind, and the rest are faint memories that live on through frozen moments in time in your photos. But video is different.

Photos are great in that they can be hung on the wall as beautiful art and heirlooms for your home, but they can’t allow you to experience the love and joy and electricity of each moment like a video can. At least not yet (we’re looking at you, Harry Potter magic picture frames.. how do we not have those yet?!)

The amazing power of video is that it lets you relive the emotion from your day all over again. You get to feel all the feels. You get to see the whole moment of your father seeing you for the first time – from when he comes in cute and bashful, to where his eyes light up, to where they fill with tears and he can’t do anything but wrap his arms around you and let all his sobs out over giving you away. You get to feel all of that again when you watch your wedding film. Every time. Bottle that experience up into a film that allows you to relive it again whenever you need it.

Share the experience with those who couldn’t make it

Especially after 2020, wedding films are an awesome way to let other people in on your day who couldn’t be there for lots of different reasons. Share your video with friends and family across the world (or in space, if they have internet access) and let them relive those emotions and experiences with you.

Don’t just remember your vows – watch them every year

You’re making big promises and commitments to each other on this day. Don’t just read them over again. Watch yourself speaking your promises right into their heart, and remind yourself of the power and wonder of the marriage you’ve stepped into.

Hear a long lost relative’s voice again

We’ve had so many brides and grooms reach out and let us know of a tragic loss in their family, and we are so grateful for the privilege of capturing moments between beloved family members that you can keep and cherish and pull out whenever you want to see them one more time. Hear a lost grandparent’s encouraging word one more time from your wedding day – see them dance with you and laugh and cry with you.

Capture this story and memory for FUTURE generations

I’ve always loved getting to watch the film reels my dad has from his life growing up. Getting to see him and my uncles running around when they were my age, how they lived, how much I really do look, talk, sound, and behave like them. Imagine what a gift it will be for your great, great grandchildren to be able to sit down and see this beautiful, artfully done wedding film, and to watch you as you were when you were their age. I get chills thinking about it.

Have a beautiful, professional film that tells your story with timeless mastery

Those are all pretty huge reasons why a wedding film is something you should really invest in. But to hear that loved one’s voice, you want it to be good audio. To relive the emotion of every tear-jerking moment, you want to be enveloped in it – not distracted or uncomfortable from some not totally awesome editing. You want to remember all the details and moments and not have them missed. That’s where we come in. We would love the chance to create for you a beautiful wedding film that’s timeless, full of emotion, and that tells your story and who you are as a couple in a way that will inspire family years from now, and let you relive all the powerful moments of one of the biggest days of your life.

Here’s a wedding film or two we’re pretty proud of.

Reach out today and let’s get talking about your wedding film and capturing your story!

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