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This post is for the maids and matrons of honors who want to be amazing, and for the always-prepared brides. No matter how prepared you are for the day of your dreams there’s always something that’s unexpected. Prepare for the unexpected by building an emergency wedding day kit. Grab a super cute bag and start filling it with the items below. What are you waiting for?!

Speaking of prepping for being an amazing Maid or Matron of honor, we wrote a blog with tons of dos and don’ts to equip you to be the most honorable maid of honor right here! (We also wrote a counterpart on becoming the BEST best man that you should totally share right here)

Let’s get to work (work, work, work, work, work [sing it like Rihanna, y’all]).

First things First – Consider a Wedding Planner / Coordinator

We can’t talk about emergency kits without talking about living, breathing emergency kits – wedding planners / coordinators! This is not your venue coordinator. This is someone you hire specifically to help carry out your vision for the day that you have invested so much time, energy, and who you are into. Your wedding planner will likely have their own emergency kit and their own recommendations on what should go into one of these, and they are superheroes! We have seen so many tricky situations get diffused by a wedding coordinator at weddings and we can’t recommend them enough! Having someone who can fix a tear or snag on a dress, a button that has exploded off across the room, or get a wine stain out of a white dress from tipsy Uncle Jerry can make such a difference in your day. We have some planners we LOVE that we would be happy to share with you, but here’s a great list from Wedding Rule of some awesome Columbus planners.

Snacks and Hydration

Consider packing chocolates and sweets to calm the pre-wedding jitters. Grab some nuts and trail mix for a protein boost. Pack some juice boxes or water bottles and stash them all around to make sure you can be hydrated at all times. Hydration is so important on your wedding day because you don’t stop and take many breaks, so make sure to prepare for this one.

Sewing Kit

This should include a needle and assorted thread colors, buttons, thimble, and safety pins. Throw in a super glue container to quickly fix any broken shoes or hard to sew items as well. Make sure to study up on how to sew a burst seam and how to sew on a button otherwise this kit will be worthless. Sewing is a life skill that will come in handy for everyone!

Hair Needs

It’s amazing how many things bobby pins and hair elastics can be used for. Bring them to help repair hairstyles from the wind, use them to secure the veil, and even use them to pull together a broken piece of cloth in a pinch. Also pack a can of hairspray because it can hold your hair even in the windiest, rainiest of days.


When the nerves hit it can be so difficult to anticipate how the body will respond. Because of this, make sure you prepare. We suggest packing breath mints, a to go tooth brush, antibacterial wipes, and deodorant. Make sure to choose an antiperspirant for your wedding day to avoid any unsightly sweat rings.

Feminine Hygiene

Sometimes Aunt Flow visits during the worst of times. Be prepared by packing an assortment of tampons, pads, and/or a diva cup.


Whether you’re hiring a professional makeup artist or not, it’s important to be prepared for touch ups throughout the day of your wedding. Consider packing face wipes, face blotters, translucent face powder, lipstick, and any other items that are your staples. Pro tip – Make sure you are applying as many waterproof items to your face as possible. This will come in handy especially after crying with joy after the officiant pronounces you married, and when you get cake smeared across your beautiful face.

First Aid and Medicine

Grab a basic first aid kit (make sure it includes triple antibiotic ointment and alcohol wipes!) and add in a few over the counter medications that you may end up needing. (We are not doctors or pharmacists so please consult your doctor with any questions or recommendations before packing any of these items.) A few items we have seen needed by our brides: Imodium, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Tums, and Pepto. Be sure to have all this in your emergency kit!


Although a hanky may seem old fashioned, definitely consider having one with you on your wedding day. It will stand up to being with you all day long unlike tissues, and if you borrow one from a family member it can be sentimental and sweet to have with you. (Something borrowed? CHECK!)

If using and reusing a hanky makes you gag, then pack a handy travel pack of facial tissues. Once you start to cry it can be hard to stop, so these will help you keep your makeup in place and remove any sinus drainage that comes with it.

Manicure Set

Make sure your nails look pristine and that you are able to maintain them if anything were to happen unexpectedly. A manicure set can help with stray clothing strings, cutting off dress hanger loops, and other random tasks, so it’s an essential add to any wedding day emergency kit.

lacy bridal party dresses hanging in a window in columbus ohio

Too Busy for DIY?

There are great pre-made options out there for you to purchase for your wedding day.

Check out this one on Amazon

Check out this one on Etsy

Did we miss your favorite emergency essentials? Comment below and help our future brides out!

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